Andromaverse Annoucements
Aug 12th

Greetings, Andromans! We have made significant changes and advancements over the past few weeks.

Get Ready For Mini Games

Mini Games to go along witht the added utility of the Andromaverse pass.

Andromaverse Pass

A pass to increase accessability and utility for holders and non holders that does not increase the Ami collection size.
-Reward Tiers
- Pass holder 1111 Dromans
Stack Rewards with Pass. 1111 + 1111 * Ami Holder count
Example with 10 Ami holders: 1111 + 1111 * 10 = 12221 Dromans

The Forgotten

Forgotten can be traded in for a random villager

Andromaverse Annoucements
July 12th

Andromaverse Annoucements
June 12th